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LDP Connect is the professional association for Early Career Talent Management professionals. We provide research, networking opportunities and career support to the global community of people who manage, support or recruit for talent development programs for early career hires.

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Welcome to LDP Connect!


The annual best-practices event for hundreds of early career development program managers and recruiters.


Original research on how organizations manage and evaluate their development programs for early career hires


Facilitated small group meetings that dive deep into a critical issue facing development program management.

LDP Innovation Award

Recognizing initiative and creativity in contributing to the measurable success of their development program(s) and the program’s participants.

LDP Report

A monthly digest of quick ideas on development program management and news from within the LDP Community.

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LDP Connect includes professionals from many of the world's marquis employers, including...

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A monthly digest of ideas from the early career development program community.

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