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6 Reasons Development Programs Fail

At LDP Connect, we like to accentuate the positive.  That’s why we’ve written about how companies can build successful early career programs from scratch and about what high-performing LDPs are accomplishing at leading global organizations.  At the risk of sounding a...

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How To “Right Size” Your Development Program

For organizations to attract and develop stronger leaders, their early career development programs must offer the right training and mentorship. Program size is part of the equation. A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t take strategy or organizational culture into...

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Employee Recognition: Rewards Beyond Compensation

Classic motivational theory ties an employee’s satisfaction to financial incentives. In other words, if a manager is happy with job performance, a bonus or raise are obvious ways to keep the employee happy (or to keep the employee, period). However, financial...

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Intern Conversion: Observations and Discussion (Part 3)

Fall recruiting season is in full swing, so it’s time for a dive into issues surrounding summer internship programs and how they impact program outcomes. The discussion below (divided into three parts—you can read parts one here and two here) is an exploration of...

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Intern Conversion: Observations and Discussion (Part 2)

Brought to you by Benivo and LDP Connect, the discussion below  (divided into three parts—you can read parts one here and three here) is an exploration of learnings from this past year that can make your internship program an even better source for candidates for your...

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Intern Conversion: Observations and Discussion (Part 1)

As program directors and managers, we’re focused on cultivating the talent of our program associates. But many of us are also constantly assessing the potential of program candidates - either personally, or through our colleagues in campus recruitment. Our job is...

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Strategies for Engaging LDP Alumni Post-Program

As program directors and managers, we’re focused on the people in our programs. All too often, this focus means we’re overlooking the ones who have already been through the program. Don’t neglect these former participants, the ones on track to become organizational...

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How LDPs Handle Losing an Executive Sponsor

Executive sponsorship can make or break any leadership development program. For program participants, the sponsor is the one who can open doors. He or she champions the program, brings it visibility and credibility, and can help secure funding for its activities. He...

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Retaining Top Talent: Strategies That Work

  Retention is a key part of ROI for LDPs given the significant investment they make. But even leading corporations have a tough time retaining top talent. For young professionals rising through the leadership ranks, the career ladder is likely to include rungs at...

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Managing Salaries Across Geographies in a Rotational Program

  Any employer who doesn’t pay enough risks losing good workers.Any employer who pays too much risks keeping bad workers and inflating operating costs.The same is true for rotational programs. Offering a competitive compensation package means remembering the market...

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Channel Envy to Reach Development Program Goals

  By Susan Peppercorn Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they're big, flashing signs that something needs to change.   –Gretchen Rubin Laura just got passed over for a new role. While trying to muster the...

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Removing Bias in Leadership Development Program Selection

  How much of your interview process is based on “gut feel” and pre-existing biases – even though you have a well-thought out selection framework?  How often do your interviewers (particularly executives) ignore your competency-based selection framework during an...

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Are you Developing Good Managers or Terrible Bosses?

What sort of manager should you be helping your leadership development program participants become?  What colleagues would make good assignment managers for your participants? What are the traits employees associate with great managers, so-so managers and terrible...

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