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Background Checks

Do you conduct background and/or drug-screening checks on your new interns/co-ops?

Diversity Goals

What is your goal for enthic diversity in your early talent development program?

Alumni Engagement

Does your program run a formalized alumni community for program graduates?

LDP Pay Bands

Do you have a level/pay band specifically for your early career development program(s)?

Compensation Levels

How would you rate the compensation package your program offers to new hires?

Graduation Rate

What percentage of the people you hire into your development program(s) complete the program?

Housing for Interns?

Do you provide housing for your summer interns?

In-Person Intern Program?

Are you planning to run an in-person internship program this summer?

Allow Early Graduation?

Do you allow your program participants to leave the program early?

Transportation Assistance?

What transportation assistance do you provide program members while on assignment?


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