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LDP meetings are facilitated, collaborative gatherings that dive deep into a critical issue facing development programs. Participate in the discussion or just listen in.  Connect with other program managers for actionable takeaways. 

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10th Annual LDP Summit

The annual conference of professionals in early career talent and rotational program management. Join us virtually for three days of sharing, learning and connecting.  Find more information on the event here.

May 11 – 13, 2021

8:30 – 4pm eastern

2nd Quarter Peer Circle Call

Join an open discussion among early talent pipeline professionals on best practices in tackling current issues.  Bring your biggest current challenge, your questions and your ideas; or just listen in.  Open to all.

June 2, 2021

2pm eastern

3rd Quarter Peer Circle Call

Join an open discussion among early talent pipeline professionals on best practices in tackling current issues.  Bring your biggest current challenge, your questions and your ideas; or just listen in.  Open to all.

August 25, 2021

2pm eastern

4th Quarter Peer Circle Call

Join an open discussion among early talent pipeline professionals on best practices in tackling current issues.  Bring your biggest current challenge, your questions and your ideas; or just listen in.  Open to all.

November 17, 2021

2pm eastern

The Finance Curriculum of the Future: Key competencies for early talent finance & accounting professionals

If you manage a Finance/Accounting leadership or rotational program, are you keeping your curriculum current? 

  • What types of skills and knowledge will be required of finance professionals in the near future?
  • How do we keep up, or even get ahead of the accelerating pace of technology and automation?
  • How do we build a curriculum that will prepare our graduates for success post-program, and continue to attract great finance & accounting talent?

Join The IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) for this interactive presentation and bring your Executive Sponsors and Finance Managers! Learn from the thought leaders of the profession about how your role is key to the digital transformation in Finance.

LDP Webinar: “Rewards beyond Compensation: How to Build Alignment through Recognition”

Driving successful talent pipeline programs requires “hooking in” an array of constituents. Program participants, executive sponsors and assignment managers need leadership on how to align themselves with your programs’ values, and you try to incentivize that alignment.

Financial rewards aren’t always possible, or even appropriate for this task; but a solid employee experience goes beyond money. What do the data tell us on how best to effectively align their success to your goals? Walk away from this leadership development webinar with a set of metrics you can use across stakeholders. Join Todd Horton – CEO of KangoGift – for a look at how well-timed employee interactions can improve your program’s culture and boost retention.

LDP Webinar: “Intern Conversion – Observations and Discussion”

Your intern pool is your long-trusted pipeline for your talent development programs. How you position and manage it will impact what comes out when it’s time for conversions. What do your interns and managers expect, and to what extent are those expectations being met? During this season of locking up your most valued interns, join your peers for a dive into issues surrounding intern conversion.

Join this leadership development webinar with guest panelists Rebecca Cuff from Vanguard, and Jeff Serpas of GE for an exploration of learnings from this past year, and a discussion with your peers. (Brought to you by Benivo and LDP Connect).

LDP Webinar: “Digital Badging for Early Career Talent Management”

Digital “badging” is an innovative way of signaling that someone has developed a professional skill, undergone a specific experience, or completed a specific project. Imagine issuing badges of your creation to associates who have mastered a component of your curriculum, or delivered on an important capstone project. Would this help you match associates to appropriate rotations, improve the off-boarding process, or pull together a team for a special project?

Join the early talent development webinar with Steve Wronski of Wronski Associates for an exploration of the possibilities, and pitfalls, challenges of developing an internal credentialing system based on digital badging.

LDP Webinar: “Recruiting Across Europe: Is your message resonating?”

Do you recruit across Europe for you talent development program? Are you planning to?  Join Michelle Craig from Job Teaser for a look at results from original research conducted on European student expectations of employers. 

  • What are the aspirations and fears of the new generation when facing the workplace of tomorrow?
  • How prepared do young people feel for the future of work?
  • How do their views compare with employers and education stakeholders?

Sometimes employers and new recruits are focused on different things. This LDP webinar will help you align your recruiting message with the true key issues in the minds of your candidate base.

LDP Webinar: “High Impact LDP Scorecards & Metrics”

Many companies & leadership development program managers struggle with the right “measures” to track and show program ROI. This session will share the best practices and examples of high impact success measures that resonate with company CEO’s, presidents and senior leaders for both active LDP participants and program alumni (which many program leaders fail to measure at all!)

Join this webinar for highlights of best scorecard KPI’s and talent analytics practices that enable LDP leaders to build credibility with leadership and steer their teams while avoiding the pitfalls in measuring progress year over year.

LDP Webinar: “Good Manager (or Terrible Boss”)?

What sort of manager should you be helping your program participants become? What are the traits employees associate with great managers, so-so managers and terrible managers? There is definitive data on that very topic. Join Thad Peterson of The Predictive Index for a review of findings from its 2018 Management Survey, canvassing 5,103 respondents across many industries. It’s the biggest survey of its kind. Let’s take a look at what the data tell us about the traits of good (and terrible) managers.

LDP Webinar: “Uncovering Hidden Potential”

How much of your interview process is based on “gut feel” and pre-existing biases – even though you have a well-thought out selection framework?  How often do your interviewers (particularly executives) ignore your competency-based selection framework during an interview and just have a “conversation” with an applicant? How many hires have you made who were a good fit for a job, or a particular manager, rather than a fit for your program?

Selection bias can derail your program’s strategic value, and cause you to miss great talent. How can you minimize it? Join Katy Campbell and Kim Gaber of DDI for a practical talk on eliminating institutional bias in your selection process. Learn about how your systematic, data-driven approach can be sold to your interviewers so that they support your program’s mission – and not just their short-term need for an employee.


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