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Join us on May 8th for two full-day workshops in advance of the 2019 LDP Summit in Chicago!

LDP Workshops are facilitated, collaborative meetings that dive deep into a critical issue facing development programs.

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Pre-conference Workshop #1: “Managing Under-Performers”

May 8, 2019: 8:30 am-4:00 pm

A reprise of the highly-rated December 2018 LDP Workshop! All early-career development programs have under-performers. Identfying them is sometimes easy, but not always. How do you work with assignment managers to get an accurate read on associate performance? Without careful attention, an under-performer’s negative impact can be magnified beyond his or her poor performance. Will the morale of other participants suffer? Will managers’ faith in the program erode? Will the program’s recruiting brand suffer? How can you best avoid these risks? From managing expectations, to “PIPs” to termination, this workshop will tackle how to give an underperforming associate a chance to succeed, and when it’s time to tactfully cut ties.

Mary Schneider – professional facilitator for Wronski Associates, former GE program manager, and highly-rated LDP Summit speaker – will lead this intensive session which will include content delivery and interactive group work.  Leave the workshop prepared to create a framework to guide your removal process that is true to your standards, consistent with your culture and will be effective for your program.

Pre-conference Workshop #2:

“Improving Associate and Assignment Manager Selection”

May 8, 2019: 8:30 am-4:00 pm

Have you ever lost a program associate because he couldn’t handle the stress?  Or perhaps an associate wasn’t assertive enough to win support for her good ideas, and went unrecognized.  Maybe you’ve brought an assignment manager into your program with low impulse control, and learned to regret it.  Professional success – and particularly leadership – is associated with high levels of emotional intelligence.  The challenge is that emotional intelligence attributes are far more challenging to develop than skill-based competencies – making it critical to screen for them on the way in.  How can you select for emotional intelligence attributes in your program associates and managers that will support your program’s mission?

Join this interactive pre-conference workshop to improve your recruitment of program participants and assignment managers. Learn about how emotional intelligence influences your program’s success, and how you can screen for it.  Walk away with tools to help you uncover the emotional intelligence attributes important to your program.

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